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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Life Created

Daily Draw: Enchanted Astrologer Oracle ~ 5th House

Life Creativity. We all do and have done it, often without realizing it is happening. Children and how they are raised is one canvas. Work can be a loom, Marriage can be treated as self service or full course. Hobbies and passions can be a well-spring or a money crypt. Our desk and bedroom are mini-snaps of the state of our life and mind.

I'm reminded by this card to think beyond what I'm seeing this morning, to see the whole picture I've painted with my life. Where does it need some color, what could use a sanding down.

"The only people who see the whole picture are the ones who step out of the frame." ~ Salman Rushdie 1947-

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  1. "Where does it need some color, what could use a sanding down." What a wonderful reflection to do once a week, month or year.


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