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Friday, August 21, 2015

Directional Coin

Daily Draw: Tabula Mundi Tarot ~ 2 of Swords

Years ago when I was working my way through Julia Cameron's books I got in the habit of taking an Artist's Date five or six times a year. Just get in the car and go where it went. To be sure it was random I flipped a coin at junctions. Over the years Rob has fallen into my lair and also has a directional coin in his vehicles for lazy day drives.

I'm reminded by this card there are decisions that require more thought than either or mentality. The coin is part of my tool kit though and if I just can't decide I'll flip and my heart's reaction, relieved or distressed, tells me what I can't see with my mind. The heart never lies.

"Either you run the day or the day runs you." ~ Jim Rohn 1930-2009

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  1. I read somewhere to tell yourself a lie and see how it feels in your body. Then when you come to one of those junctions and have to make a decision, you'll know how to "read" your body.


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