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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Missed The Obvious

Daily Draw: Tabula Mundi Tarot ~ Ace of Swords

The root of knowledge. Or, how to miss the obvious. Suddenly two months ago I could no longer read the giant green freeway signs until I was two car lengths from them. Bizarre. Wednesday I went to the optometrist who sent me to the ophthalmologist Thursday. Turns out I have cysts behind both eyes. My surprise knew no bounds...

I'm reminded by this root of knowledge card of all the ways something was wrong and still I missed the obvious. For the last two months I've been monkeying with font size. I donated three books with just a few pages read, WHY are they printing books with such small type? Instead of sitting normally and threading the sewing machine I've been getting on my knees to have a straight-on view of the needle. Everything I looked at yesterday I could see there was a real did I miss it before? I guess because the human mind and eye are both adaptable and will always seek a way to cope. There is no treatment but knowledge is power and my research shows there are a zillion ways for low vision folk to adapt. It's all good because it could be so very much worse.

"What do you call a one-eyed dinosaur? Douthinkhesaraus"


  1. Well I'm not glad that you have the problem, but I'm glad you have the knowledge of what is going on. Love the joke. :)

  2. Maybe there is an herb you can take that dissolves cysts. Eye doc said I may be beginning to develop cataracts, so I'm going to do some research; I'm sure I've read that there is an herb that prevents them. Fingers crossed!

  3. I am sorry you have those cysts because so many activities you love need a good eyesight. Indeed there are a lot of aids to help you coop and I do admire you positive attitude!


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