Wednesday, September 2, 2015

BelAir Bantam

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Pursuit of pleasure leads many directions.

Couple of months back I had the idea to find a small light hand crank sewing machine to take to the river or lake when Rob is fly fishing. My first think was a Singer SewHandy from the 50's, sold as a child's first machine, 6" high X 6" wide. The idea was workable for sewing but not so much for quilting, we use 1/4" seams and it was hard to do because of the way the foot was built and the thick chain stitch.

Back to the drawing board. Singer's 300 and 400 series were aluminum weighing in at about 16 and 18 pounds, but not belt driven so couldn't be converted to hand crank. Then I discovered there was one aluminum machine that came out of Japan in the 50's. (I have a 20's hand crank, but it weighs better then 40 pounds, not what you'd call portable or a lap machine).

Eureka!! A BelAir Bantam! Made in Occupied Japan, weighing in at about 15 pounds and belt driven so convertable to hand cranking and size-wise perfect, 12" X 8". I added a magnetic halogen light and I can machine sew anywhere anytime. I can use it on my lap, or park picnic table or wooden TV tray ($4.00 at junk store). Total investment? about $60.00. Hours of fun? About a million.

"I'd rather be known for my quilts, not my fabric collection." ~ Esther Aliu


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