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Sunday, September 6, 2015


Daily Draw: Brownies Oracle ~ Rescue

As a teen I've both run off the road in ice and run out of gas, easy rescues I'm thankful to say. But a few years ago I stepped out to feed the animals one morning at 12 degrees below freeing, and a foot or more of snow. Pulled the door shut and knew panic in that instant, it was locked, all the doors were locked.

I'm reminded by this card fortune or the Brownies were with me, although my coat and boots were light, gloves were in the coat pocket and my phone was in my jeans. I called the only people in the world with a house key, they called the police and the police brought up the key. Brilliant I think because the roads were so bad. Easy fix, but I can't believe how cold I was when I finally got in the house. And how utterly minor this seems in the face of world news.

"Now... all opposed to being rescued, raise your hands." ~ Felicity Heaton  Veiron, Her Demonic Angel

The Brownies Oracle which includes 60 large and 25 small cards is based on the art of Palmer Cox (1840-1924) and is from Duck Soup "Where Popular Culture Reaches Critical Mass"

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