Sunday, September 13, 2015


Daily Draw: The Brownie Oracle ~ Clearing

Oh, the Ents are going to be cross. This is how  my father-in-law took out trees. I grew up on a forty acre stump farm so what did I know.

I'm reminded by this card to be really rid of something we do have to get down to the roots, real life isn't unfriending someone on Facebook.

 "Mr Podsnap settled that whatever he put behind him he put out of existence . . .
Mr Podsnap had even acquired a peculiar flourish of his right arm in often clearing the world of its most difficult problems, by sweeping them behind him." Charles Dickens 1812-1870


  1. I shall miss the Brownies when they leave... :)

  2. I suspect they will be wreaking havoc in the deck drawer. Am considering tying string around the box...


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