Thursday, October 15, 2015

Coast Run!

Daily Draw: Runic Tarot ~ 4 of Beltane/Cups

Years ago here I said I didn't have or believe in rituals. In comments Carla pointed out my Daily Draw and Blog are two. Busted! I've thought about the comment often since, as we've quit celebrating birthdays and have completely drifted away from remarking any kind of holiday.

I'm reminded by this card I'd like to live at the beach, but reality says an annual coast run is as close as I get. Today is the day, supposed to be 77 degrees in Astoria and Seaside. And a couple of times a year gutbusters at Mrs. Beesleys, a true hamburger stand where we've been eating since we were pipsqueaks. I suspect we all have rituals and traditions, to cling to or avoid...

to misquote  G. K. Chesterton, tradition is where the dead still have a vote.


  1. Love that misquote. :D I'm too close to Florida to want to live at the beach, having seen what a hurricane can do. Do you guys get hurricanes often on the west coast?

  2. Never anything like the east coast gets. An occasional very small tornado. Say the word beach and Rob turns blue and starts shivering...


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