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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Magnificently Unremarkable

Daily Draw: Tea Leaf Fortune Cards ~ Vine

I've never bothered to ask any of my doctors if they mind me looking information up online. The early adage was don't believe anything you read online unless you've verified it with three different sites. But in the old days (20 years ago) there was a lot less online and much of it really did need to be viewed with askance.

I'm reminded by this card that information can educate, but also soothe.  I'm no a 'sky is falling' person, and the more I know the better prepared I am, the more at peace I am. My dye scan report is back and all is well. But the report covers a lot of things that to me the layman, sound odd. So I did some googling and now know more.  I take serious exception to one report word, unremarkable. It would be a great gift to patienthood if they changed unremarkable to Magnificent.  Would it kill them to do so? I think not...

 "If we hadn't had such a magnificent optimism to carry us through all these things, we wouldn't be here. We have survived it on our optimism." ~ Edward J. Steichen 1879-1973  


  1. Congrats on the outcome of your scan Sharyn. I am so happy all is magnificent!!!

  2. Doctors are as careful with their words as lawyers. :)

  3. So glad the results are good


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