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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Shark Ahoy

Daily Draw: Tea Leaf Fortune Cards ~ Shark

Loss of material wealth. Let me count the ways...from a hole in a pocket, to ill thought expenditures, to housing or stock market tanking, underinsured disasters. Everyone has had material loss of some kind if they live in the real world.

I can hardly bring myself to speak of it but we have a three year old silver Jetta TDI, from that company in Germany where all the management should be serving hard time. It hasn't moved since the day their chicanery and fraud came to light. The car is still the same...but our viewpoint of it isn't. I have talked up this car to everyone I know considering purchasing a new vehicle. Beside being well made and easy to ride in or drive there is that 44 miles to the gallon.  They made a complete fool of me and I'll be a life time forgiving. Plus the fact it probably isn't even sellable at this point in time. Ooooo I could just pinch someone's head off.

"It's not very nice to be where people are being swindled all day long, is it?" ~  Nevil Shute 1889-1960  Ruined City

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  1. The one Volkswagen I ever had was in the shop more than out. I eventually just traded the car for all the repair bills.


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