Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Lion's Mouth

Daily Draw: Karma Cards ~ Moon

Based on my question yesterday "What is too much and when is enough, enough? with respect to visiting the cemetery.

Spiritual: In my defence, the quote I used yesterday.
Mental: What do I accept? There is nothing after death except being dead. It is a very comforting place to be, believe it or not.
Physical: Feelings? If I'm asking the question is the answer go more, or don't go at all?

I'm reminded by this Moon, our thoughts and actions are often based on emotions. Our brain knows what is good and bad for us. But our emotions over ride that toggle switch and we get up and march right into our version of the lion's mouth. The answer for me? It gives me comfort, and for now that is enough. Spring and Autumn, edge the platforms, scrub the granite, lay flowers, these actions seldom make  me cry, and always make me feel better.

"O! Mr Dedalus cried, giving vent to a hopeless groan, shite and onions!" ~ James Joyce 1882-1941

Karma Cards, 1988, published by Eddison Sadd. 96 page book Monte Farber, 36 card illustrations Linda Garland. Three cards are drawn, one each from planet, sign, house. Blue end up relates to working out the process, orange end up is outcome. I'm using just blogging one card here.

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