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Friday, October 30, 2015

Weakness For Gleam

Daily Draw: Tea Leaf Fortune Cards ~ Diamond

Until a very few years ago, the only jewelry I owned of value was my wedding ring. Like clothes, I always felt there were better ways to use my hard earned moolah. I had an older friend though, who was a walking jewelry store. She could afford it and enjoyed wearing every bit of it. I often accompanied her to her various favorite shops. Where I discovered the discretely promoted estate jewelry cases. ooOOooo.

Fast forward to any one of the mental and physical hits I've taken. My coping/memory mechanism is to go choose a ring or bracelet, a good one.  So now I have a 'gleamer' arm. Each bracelet, is so special and so beautiful. This card reminds me I hope I don't need another pick-me-up via tragedy. But...Rob brought me an opal bracelet from Alice Springs Australia. It just glows! And isn't attached to any sorrow or fear.  Perhaps my one little weakness, for gleam, might get revived.

"Jack Beauregard: You shine like the door of a whorehouse. A blind man could spot you ten miles off." ~ Henry Fonda, My Name Is Nobody 1973


  1. Ah, a gleamer attached only to love and thoughtfulness. Now that's got to be extra special. :) You've got a good man my friend.

  2. How thoughtful of him to surprise you with such a lovely loving gift

  3. I'm not much of a jewelry wearer either; I simply don't think of putting it on. I wear earrings that go to bed with me and into the bath with me and are changed only for a night out, and even that's a maybe; I don't wear my mother's rings, precious to me, because I wash my hands so many times in a day that either the diamonds will get clogged up with soap or just taking the rings off and putting them back on is a pain in the ass; but I wear one silver toe ring all summer because I like to get a glimpse of that shiny thing! And I love bracelets but they seem to get in the way at the keyboard where I spend so much time. So when I do put jewelry on, it does seem like a part of beautifying myself, as if I were putting on makeup or new clothes. It isn't daily, but it's a treat. I loved hearing about your use of bracelets!


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