Thursday, November 26, 2015

Intellectual Low Point

Daily Draw: Thoth Tarot ~ 10 of Swords

The deck artist Harris wrote "I have done the 10 of Swords and promptly Russia takes up arms". Apparently if I won't deal with Death, than I can deal with the 10 of Swords. Tarot's little joke.

This card is the intellectual low point. We can't see a way out, no one else can see a way in. The day I threw my anti-depressants in the toilet was such a day. It wasn't triumph of success, it was terror. I was so drugged I could barely put a sentence together. I was blacking out. I sideswiped a car, and hit a bicyclist.  Ways to suicide was my little mental exercise hobby, a down side of being an info-junkie. After two years it was obvious even to me this wasn't the road to better.

"My land is bare of chattering folk;
the clouds are low along the ridges,
and sweet's the air with curly smoke
from all my burning bridges." ~ Dorothy Parker 1893-1967

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  1. Amazing how we have to stand at the edge of the cliff before we find clarity. Glad you didn't jump and are still around my friend.


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