Saturday, November 28, 2015

On Fire

Daily Draw: Thoth Tarot ~ Ace of Wands

Wands are the very root of the Thoth minors. An absolute explosion of energy, both innie and outie, of the Tree of Life.
Just looking at it should give us a combination of energy and goose bumps.

The two months of the Samhain season have settled upon us here in the Pacific Northwest. A week of temperatures in the twenties have done their work. Two hundred feet of blooming nasturtiums reduced to watery looking ground worms. The boxelder beetles aren't clinging enmass to my west facing door. The chard struggles on in a bitter manner. My little hens group to chatter in the coop rather than the play pen.  I love these days, so clear and crisp...with the underlying power of this Ace, lying in wait, setting the stage for the return of Fire. Within I feel the force of the fiery innie, leaping to consume the old life and rebuild the new from it's ashes.

"I have my own views about Nature's methods, though I feel that it is rather like a beetle giving his opinions upon the Milky Way." ~ Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr. 1859-1930

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