Monday, November 23, 2015


Daily Draw: Thoth Tarot ~ 2 of Coins

Yo-yoing. This is most commonly heard now in relation to gaining and losing weight, but thinking about it, it also relates to life over time...for me anyway.

Healthy and not. Comfortable and strapped. House from hell, good house. Joy and sorrow.  I'm reminded by this card of balance, just how difficult that can be.

"Life is like a yo-yo. Sometimes you are up, and sometimes you just get tangled in the string"  Unknown


  1. Reading this, it does feel a bit like the Wheel of Fortune :D

  2. I have spent years searching for balance only to finally realize that it doesn't exist for me.
    Now I am content to try and limit the swing of the pendulum

    1. I would never have known. You always seem so in control. Maybe that is the key, we can't control the environmental so learn to control in inner swiing?


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