Sunday, December 6, 2015


Daily Draw: Sacred Geometry Cards ~ Freedom of Love

This card would like us to concentrate on universal love. Could it be done? Love everyone? Does that mean unconditionally? Probably. What is love with conditions? Not love I think.

I'm reminded by this card the people I love are because of, not in spite of. And that doesn't cover a lot of people. The whole world?
I'm gagging on the idea already.

"...perhaps an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings." ~ Arthur Rubinstein 1886 - 1982

Sacred Geometry Cards, 64 art cards integrating math, science and spirituality; and 145 page soft cover book by Francene Hart. Published by Bear & Company 2008


  1. Reminds of the Hindu teacher who was telling his students to find the good in people and love that part of them. One of the students brought up a horrible person (much like Hitler) and asked what in the world could be good about him. The teacher replied, "When he breathes out, he feeds the trees." :D


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