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Monday, December 14, 2015

Goofy Little Kid

Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ The Companion

What were your invisible childhood companions like? I had two, one simple and one complex, who apparently went on to some other little girl after I started school.

I'm reminded by this card, the simple one had no shape or color and had one function, travel companion. When I thought of her she'd start out from home to catch up, by jumping from phone pole to phone pole.
The other was a woman in her thirties from the mid 1800's. It was my task to explain modern inventions. She had dark hair, a red dress and white apron. Haven't thought of her in ages. Now I'm the one that needs the explanations...

"This stillness, solitude, wildness of nature is a kind of thoroughwort or boneset, to my intellect. This is what I go out to seek. It is as if I always met in those places some grand, serene, immortal, infinitely encouraging through invisible, companion, and walked with him." ~  Henry David Thoreau 1817-1862


  1. What a lovely memory. I've have never had imaginary friends

  2. we lived in the middle of the back of beyond, and no playmates. Well I have two brothers but I was beneath notice of the older one the the younger was beneath my notice :)

  3. I grew up with two elderly grandparents the first years of my life; I don't remember any imaginary playmates, but I sure had some in the bug and animal world!


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