Friday, December 18, 2015

Got Tribes?

Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Ancestor of Tribes

Got Tribes? Of course you do. Collective interests, collective support, we got 'em whether we accept the idea or not. Family, school, religion or non-religion, interests and/or passions. As adults our tribes range much further and can encompass every group under the sun. With access to the internet we can find tribes we never knew existed and feel closest to people we will never meet.

I'm remind by this card, life is an odd container considering all the paths we travel that shape us, but that is what makes it such a valuable commodity. From November to February my tribe is world wide, and this year its name is Allietare.

"Empathy is the sunlight to the vampire of culture." ~ Stefan Molyneux 1966-


  1. The mystery quilt clan! Please post pictures when you can. :)
    Speaking of tribes/clans, etc., have you ever heard of Spiral Dynamics?

    1. we have Monday progress linkys. I've put mine on Pinterist
      I found pinterest took way more time and broadband than I was willing to spend but it works for this. I also found it is nearly impossible and quite convoluted to put up a photo of my own...they much prefer the ripped off kind. Life...gotta love it

    2. sorry, forgot to say interesting link, will look at it later, gotta go pry some info out of our temporary post office this morning. our PO box is on the bottom tier and the response the other day was your mail isn't here because it was all destroyed. Well I had two packages in there where the contents certainly would not have been destroyed even if the packaging was...We have no idea when our PO, library, city hall, and police department will be open again.

    3. Good grief, is this from the recent flooding?

    4. yes. the word today was 3 months before PO is back in Kalama.You have to remember 1000's of small communities only have mail delivery via PO box, no street delivery at all.


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