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Friday, December 11, 2015


Daily Draw: Sacred Geometry Cards ~ Gentle Creatures

For the first time in years my cards are beside me but I'd not come to make  my post,
my every thought seems dark.  I've laid out so many shadows on my blog I'm surprised no one has come to cart me off or any might be left.
this shadow I don't even recognize.


  1. I'm here... I can't take it away, but I can sit beside you.

    1. I kicked my own (Y), got dressed to the shoes, put on lipstick and earrings, scrubbed the bathroom, vacumned the whole house...shadows pushed back for the nonce.

  2. That ultra-bright sunbeam I was shining your way must have worked. :) Hang in there, friend.

  3. May the gentle spirits bring light to your shadow
    Hugs (((Sharyn)))


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