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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Dancer of Fear

As a child and young adult I was painfully shy, a form of fear.
Over the years worry has come and gone, surely another form of fear. And I'm careful where I go walking, the media has assured me monsters lurk everywhere.

At base I think I can say I'm not a fearful person, more than likely based on impatience, as fear has a tendency to freeze us in place. Life is short, I haven't got time to waste in stasis.

 "Those who fear life are already three parts dead." ~ Bertrand Russell 1872-1970


  1. Being in stasis: what a profound way to define fear. This is exactly how I feel when i am afraid.

  2. It would be nice to have an inner fear meter that went off when I was being anxious with no good reason. Of course it might end up being like my neighbor's car alarm that goes off all hours of the day and night. :)

    1. The #1 most universally alarm in the world..great analogy Ellen

  3. Also from Yesterday (Couldn’t get online...)


    In conjunction with Atí:ron, Raccoon, this sign speaks to me of the fear of letting go of things that seem to matter, but most often don’t. This clinging to what we know rather joining the Dance that we do not know so often, is the true source of our unhappiness. This sign too may not be so much for me as for a dear friend, who is struggling with clinging to those things that she believes defines her. Letting go may not have to do with the letting go of an actual thing or relationship, but of letting go of our definitions and preconceptions of those things, of learning to Dance without knowing how or why we are dancing, without judgement of whether the movements that bring us into the dance are the right movements, or if they make us look or feel foolish. Sometimes you need to Dance for no other reason than to Dance.

  4. ...a dear friend, who is struggling with clinging to those things that she believes defines her....

    I faced that when I had to face that I was losing my eyesight. My first thought was "If I'm not a quilter what am I". Scared me spitless although we shouldn't have an action define us. Then I worked a year with the key word Adapt. And I found a good number of ways..


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