Sunday, May 22, 2016

Eternal Optimism

Daily Draw: PetraK Tarot ~ 5 of Cups

Disappointment. Events don't live up to anticipation. Investing too heavily in an unsure outcome.

We've all been there, bug eyed with amazement as we are hoist and flung from our own petard. Books and movies that were raved about. Family and class reunions. First dates. But we bounce back, one of the nice things about being human, we can choose eternal optimism.

"Disappointment seldom cures us of expectation, or has any effect other than that of producing a peevish exclamation." ~ Samuel Johnson 1709-1784


  1. This runs along the line of my "To the Beach" theme today. Eternal optimism. I almost moved to Florida ten years ago, but...I will leave that there. Then the tornado side tracked me and the last fours years have be about physically and fiscally recovering. A gal can always hope and springs eternal! Be well my friend.

  2. Love the first part of that SJ quote! I'm so glad you introduced me to this deck; it is a beauty.

  3. My expectations of life have diminished a lot over the years: I enjoy it more though :)


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