Thursday, May 26, 2016

Unintelligible, Unbirthed.

Daily Draw: PetraK Tarot ~ Hanged Man

Pupa, cocoon, chrysalis. This guy looks about half hatched. Like many of our ideas. If we don't wave our brains about and strengthen our lightbulb ideas, they will just slip in the water and be washed away, unintelligible, unbirthed.

I'm reminded by this card of some of my bright ideas. Luggage To Go was a fun one. I invested in four full sets of luggage, put cards in every Portland travel agency within ten miles of me, and rented them to travelers.
Parting out personal estates on Ebay, way fun. I concentrated on quilters but did a number of interesting collections. My advice to you? Never think you are 'investing' in anything in the back of the Sunday paper magazines like Bradford collector plates.

"It was a pity he couldna be hatched o'er again, an' hatched different." ~ George Eliot  1819-1880


  1. Often I like the hanging upside down and brainstorming about all kinds of ideas much more than actual getting things done :)

  2. I never was a collector of things; just something else to dust.

  3. You amaze me with all the ways you've found for self-employment, and ideas you've had to generate money. A Jane-of-all-trades with business sense too!


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