Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Daily Draw: Green Witch Tarot ~ 2 of Wands

Moura says this figure has researched a new career of weaving, produced her first shipment of rugs, and all portents set for success, waves it on.

I'm reminded by this cards of newspaper help wanted pages 20-30 years ago. When we lived in Portland there were 10-12 pages full every day, and when I was job hunting I read every one of them. Unlike this woman, I'd take the job then prepare. Is it any wonder they were mostly untenable for the long term? On the other hand I did not know toads carrying wands were good luck.

"Mole: You know, I really am worried about Toad.
Rat: Oh, don't you worry. It's just another one of his passions. He'll grow out of it." ~  Kenneth Grahame  1859-1932  The Wind in the Willows 
Edited to add: Carolyn and I have been busy planting good vibrations for her search for something better suited to her massive capabilities.

Edited to add one more for Carolyn from Ellen 
and one from Bev, who said "May you find a job that puts food on the table and a joyful peace in your heart! "


  1. Toads waving wands...I was wondering. What a delightful image of toads waving magic wands throughout our lands. That is exactly what the world needs at this time. The artwork in this Green Witch Tarot deck feels similar to the artwork in the Celtic Lenormand. Thank you for sharing. I have a small garden figurine with two toads on it I think I will put a couple of tooth pick wands in their hands and set it on my desk for daily inspiration this week.

    1. I'll see what I can add on this side of the ocean :D


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