Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Attitude Adjustment...work in process

Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ Judgement

Potter created this deck based on her understanding of European shamanic practices and the Year Wheel. I share that because her unpublished companion book coverage of Judgement is outstanding and I'm sorry I can't find the WayBack link to the page in order to share it.

I'm reminded by this card of the standard image; people rising up out of their coffins to an angel blowing a horn. I searched my blog for that image of Judgement, undoubtedly because I meant to make mock
I searched my blog for Judgement, spent too much time reading and realized I've written so many words about Judgement and don't seem to have learned a thing. Here I am again judging the coffin/angel mindset. I have zero interest in that concept, why does it bother me how or why anyone else sees themselves in that image?

Oddly enough, my very first blog post was based on the Judgement card. And obvious to me, on vacation I'm not watching the bandwidth clock but rolling in the WiFi trough. I've been working, in a manner of speaking, on this post for over two hours. Am I a better person than when I got up? I hope so, a two hour class in judging surely seeded something in my underbrain?


  1. 'a hoot loud enough to waken those buried below' great wordsmithing from day one :)

  2. Twice yesterday I saw a ad with Smokey the Bear and the slogan,' only you can prevent forest fires'. Bears rising out of hibernation, aka, you are out of your cave on vacation. You mentioned the other day 500 miles to Missoula, that is a 2000 mile trip from my home.

    1. You could do it standing on your head (pillowed carefully). We did Rawlings to Olympia in one day trying to get back home before my little sister died. 1118 miles. Didn't make it by about 8 minutes.
      In truth though, my nerve ending neuropathy won't let me sit very long, it is the only reason I'm not going to Australia with Rob, and we'd never travel like this two days in a row. I'd have to finish the trip strapped to the roof on a gurney.Man, I gotta get off the computer, I'm getting rummy. I'm now up to 5 hours. Crazy :)

    2. On vacations you get to break the rules. Mix it up a bit.

  3. Well it does sound like you awoke from the entrancement of WiFi... (a spell I'm very familiar with!).


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