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Friday, September 9, 2016

People Watching By The Pound

Daily Draw: Marziano Tarot ~ 2 of Turtledoves/Cups/Chastity

Fidelity, Trust, Partnership, Companionship. Although we have always been in contact the last two days were the first time as adults we'd stayed over and had some real visiting going on. We are double cousins, her dad was my mom's brother, her mother was my dad's sister.  We have many things in common, based on similar childhoods and values. One thing we don't have in common...she loves shopping thrift stores and garage sales. I love getting rid of things via garage sales and thrift stores.

I'm reminded by this card the first thing we did, at my request was to visit a Goodwill Outlet store, where things which didn't sell at the Goodwill store go. I wanted to add some variety to my small box of recycled men's shirts in order to make my next quilt. The charge there is by the pound. I got twelve!! pounds of masculine patterned/colored shirts. And had fun with my cousin. So much for partnership and companionship of the 2 of cups.

What I also got was another lesson in prejudging. It was not a smelly madhouse of flinging and crowding and grabbing and having to wear rubber gloves I'd envisioned. The area was huge and clean, the bins heaped and moderately sorted (all media or all clothes or all shoes etc) and the most fun of all? My new all time people watching spot, knocking the airport back to second place. I can hardly wait to go again. I'll take a refreshing beverage and sit on a chair until it is sold out from under me and just people watch. I expect youtube has some great previews of the experience.


  1. haha I love your description of your people watching spot! I can almost see you sitting on that chair :D
    I love going to thrift stores. Just for fun of it and yo'll never know what treasure you may find there

  2. I had no idea they had Goodwill outlet stores (whispers to keep the husband from hearing this news). I am so happy you and your cousin got to spend time together. :)
    If this posts twice, please delete one. I seem to have this problem when using my phone.


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