Monday, September 26, 2016

Shared Experiences

Daily Draw: Llewellyn Tarot ~ 6 of Cups

Shared experiences. Yesterday was Wyoming, with the Teton Mountains and hard scrabble names.  Duck Creek, Wind River, Crow Heart, Eleven Mile Hill, Gun Barrel. We are in North Platte Nebraska this morning.

I'm reminded by this card, name a town west  of the Mississippi and Rob has been there and can tell you the roads that will get you there. Today's fun is he hasn't been across Nebraska since he hauled Oly Beer in the early 70s. An me? As always, the geology.

"The terrain looked like Nebraska—perpetual plains that faded into the horizon. When I asked Taukane where the forest was, he said, simply, "Gone." ~ David Grann 1967-


  1. You guys really are taking a road trip - I didn't realize just how far across the country you were going! I'm a rock girl myself. My mom just went to Warm Springs, GA to the Little White House on a "field trip." They had stones from all fifty states there; that bit of information makes me interested. :)

    1. And many miles before we sleep again at home. I have a sand collection, most donated by customers, in glass vials, so beautiful

  2. I have been watching your progress on my wall map. Six of Cups, by days end unless you stay in Nebraska it looks to be six states. So far which is the one you would choose? Your home state no doubt. Enjoy the travels.

  3. How great you have the opportunity to go on this trip together!!

  4. I lived on a road called ducks walk once so named because they did, stopping traffic as they saw fit.


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