Friday, September 16, 2016

Strawberry Jam

Daily Draw: Shining Tribe Tarot ~ Speaker of Birds/King of Swords

Inspiration, knowledge, truth. What more could we ask of a leader?

Health? Brains? Transparency? Self  respect? Sense of responsibility? Moderation? And the opposite side of the coin, which cannot be separated, where do we measure on the list of expectations?

"Ryodan says softly, “Holy strawberries, Dani, we’re in a jam.” ~  Karen Marie Moning 1964-  Burned


  1. I'd be happy with knowledge and truth with some genuine ethics stirred in.

  2. Knowledge an interesting one. I worked for the government in the era of policy based evidence making. A whole new language was created (Sharyn you could have made top dollar) and we all started speaking it because lingo meant lolly.

  3. Inspiration is important for me. Without it knowledge can become very dull

  4. I've been thinking about this all morning. Inspiring? sometimes by the worst example ever ;) Health? There have been some good leaders with poor health, and look at Stephen Hawking. Transparency falls with truth perhaps, but keeping government transparent? Never happen. I'm falling in line with self respect, which can be totally opposite of self importance. Great card. Thanks for stopping by!


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