Thursday, September 8, 2016


Daily Draw: Marziano Tarot ~ Vesta

Associated with the turtle doves/wands Vesta represents hearth and home, duty, sanctity, and contemplation.

My mother was the epitome of homemaker. I only remember two times as a child coming home from school to an empty house. Awful feeling, and lead to a lifetime habit of leaving a couple of small lamps on to welcome me home from work. I'm a pretty weak Vesta otherwise, if my bed is made and the kitchen is tidy to come home to I've got home dialed.

"The ache for home lies in all of us." ~ Maya Angelou 1928-2014


  1. Home. After I was hurt I had to live with my sister for six months, with wound care and being in the halo and all those drugs, I could not care for myself. But I longed for home. I developed a very deep well of empathy for those that cannot go home or do not have a home to go to. Be it ever so humble.

  2. I suppose Vesta encompasses more than a tidy house. She is what makes a house a home. It is very obvious you never seen my place which sometimes is quite a mess but it is very much a place to call home :)

  3. I've lived in poverty and without want. I'm convinced it is the warmth of the heart that creates an inviting hearth. :)

  4. The little bird reminds me that as the season changes we will spend more time inside our 'nests' and of the importance of fire whether lamp, stove or candle.


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