Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Blending For Better

Daily Draw: Tarocco Piemontese ~ Temperance/La Temperanza

In 2008 I was gifted a 30 week course offered by Jean-Michel David, invaluable in studying the marseille decks.  It made me think rather than assume, what is Temperance doing? Is this an act of caring, or spreading the poison? Is she filling or emptying? Is the liquid going up or down, anyone with wings wouldn't be concerned with gravity. Purification, dilution, dissolution?

LaTemp reminds me today, there are many methods and reasons for stirring the pot, cloaking it with a smile is one of them. Each day allows us to refresh our mind, spirit, and body in genuine thoughtfulness, to show and act on caring rather than just thinking about it.

"I met in the street a very poor young man who was in love. His hat was old, his coat worn, his cloak was out at the elbows, the water passed through his shoes, - and the stars through his soul." ~ Victor Hugo 1802-1885


  1. Maybe she is just making sure the sugar in her tea is completely dissolved? Those cards with their split imagery reminds me of Alice looking at her self in the glass. What will we see when we really look?

  2. At the end of the day is what we gave to others and how we took care of ourselves, what matters the most.

  3. 'stars through his soul' - truly magical. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I think sometimes we have traditions because no one ever asked why we do things a certain way. I'm sure if we went back to their origin, we'd find a lot of them just happened because that way was convenient at the time. I took JMD's course too, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Wish I still had the transcripts.


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