Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Spirit Mind Body

Daily Draw: Karma Cards ~ Jupiter
What will the outcome be?

Spiritual: The Granting Of: wisdom. My mind has become clearer over the last ten years. I've learned to recognize the difference between what is real spirituality and what is made up for convenience and herding the masses.

Mental: Blessings From: Recognizing if I direct my mind in only one direction, whatever the subject, it will become addictive. Having an info-junkie mind is a double edged sword. Knowing that is important.

Physical: Good Fortune: In a hurry, weaving through Wal-Mart, whipping past an end cap in the DVD section, stopping and backing up to look at the yoga DVDs. Never crossed my mind before that day. I picked up Elena Brower's Yoga For Beginners. I've never looked back, I love yoga, and learning Ujjayi Breath has eased stressful situations, mad monkey mind, gentled my heart, eased my pain, ever since.

"Namaste" May the divine in me rise to meet the divine in you.


  1. This post totally explains why I love you. :D (I'm thinking we are sisters separated at birth.)

  2. Reading about your Yoga experience makes me wonnder if I might pick it up again. I sure sounds tempting:)

    1. lay down in corpse pose. See, there you are. Doing yoga :)
      My favorite pose is legs up the wall.

  3. Beware those pseudo wizards of oz, who supposedly having something new to say that needs be done on our Spirituality Quest, as you said some new turn of phrase for convenience to herd the masses.


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