Saturday, November 5, 2016

Idea With Shoots

Daily Draw: Moon Oracle ~ Idea

Bright idea/bad idea/recycled idea? Months ago my doctor insisted I try a depression Rx once again.  I gave up on those about four years ago, but she was insistent and I didn't want to see a shrink.  After a couple of weeks I felt better than I had in years, I absolutely couldn't believe how well I felt.

Except for screaming myself awake every night. But I remember those few golden days when I felt so good. I've been working with that Rx for months, different amounts taken different times, result being, anything over 5mg results in waking up screaming. Which is not a listed side effect.
Yesterday I read through three pages of info on the Rx, again, and what did I find buried on page three? St. Johns Wart..with a full paragraph of why it and SSRIs shouldn't be taken together. St.John now demoted to cupboard. This SSRI, another chance.

A lot of words to say if we have a idea with potential, keep nibbling away at it, it might become the good result we envision.


  1. Easy to forget that herbs are drugs too. :)

  2. Thank goodness you decided to dig a little deeper and find the information that you needed to know.

  3. I really hope that does the trick and you get to sleep well.


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