Friday, November 11, 2016

Slow Dance To Dust

Daily Draw: Sacred Geometry ~ Stone Stories

As such things can be dated, the oldest petroglyphs, named Bhimbetka, are at least 290,000 years old.  The oldest continually printed newspaper is the London Gazette dating from 1666.

All that said to say, were the cave drawings meant to muddy the water? Lead enemies astray? Skew and spin yellow journalism? Big fat stories told by old men? Something to amuse the deplorables? That includes every single human, the trainable flea circus, always destined to dance, always making the slow trajectory to dust.

"The doctors huddle up and then call in a flea flicker." ~ Duran Duran  911 Is A Joke


  1. Is that a roadrunner on the card? The coyote must be trailing him with ACME on speed-dial. :)

  2. sure looks like it. Perhaps suggesting Coyote start at the rocks, cut out the middleman

  3. Maybe its wall art since they couldn't go to Kohls and get pictures to hang, or the chore lists for the the kids? I guess even then they had stories to tell and that is how they blogged.


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