Friday, November 18, 2016


Daily Draw: Victorian Fairy Tarot ~ Knight of Coins/Autumn

Practical advice. The first thing I heard about Rob's uncle Elmer was that he had his money in three different banks. Having no money at all I thought he must be fantastically rich.

This Knight reminds me it didn't cross my mind to question the concept until some years later when I reconized they were children of the 1930's depression, when banks failed and Americans were starving. Edie and Elmer lived their whole lives with that event shadowing every single thing they did, just as my own grandparents did. Wild game in the freezer, pantry and root cellar full of the results of their work in their garden. They were rich. I wish I'd listened harder.

"I’m of flesh and blood hearing distant melodies
somewhere way back behind the leafless tree,
the chicken coop, or root cellar,
where survival is stored for cold and wintered summers,
when breath’s rejection remains constant.

I’ll smell yesterdays forever,
for death’s rancid decay never settles,
under-tarp dankness forever stays in my hair,
and once fragrant flowers are but memory.

I’ve tasted it all,
the Red Cross coffee,
the trashcan discards,
the airdrop packets,
and even the occasional meal, but most of the time,
the longing bile of my emptiness."

Survivor Hope Chests ~ Odin Roark, Poemhunter


  1. I worry for so many that will never figure out how to provide for themselves when the time comes. We didn't have really any money when I was a child, poor is how the neighbors referred to us. But I can remember running free through fields and woods. Chasing butterflies and lighting bugs. Climbing trees and drinking water from the hose or a nearby pond. We always had a big garden and let me tell you there is nothing so delicious as a warm tomato straight from the vine with its juicy ripeness dripping down my chin.

    1. everyone in our whole valley would be considered poor today, but since we all were there was no feeling of need. We had everything we needed. There were some days dad went to work with cold pancakes in his lunchbucket, and nights when we had cornbread and fresh milk for dinner. Dad always pot his cornbread in his milk glass which I thought was disgusting :) I've never liked my food to run together though. And cornbread is a favorite, I made some a few days ago since Rob is in Australia and can't cry that it 'sticks in his throat'

  2. Amazing how the survival mentality of the past can inform the present day. I think social media has created consumer monsters; they have it and look happy so I need it too. Insanity!


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