Monday, December 12, 2016


Daily Draw: Wisdom of the Four Winds ~ Sanctuary

Limestone. Calcium supplements, agricultural lime, cathedrals, limestone is everywhere in our daily lives. And speaking for myself I've never given the quarry , five billion years in the making, a thought.

I'm wondering where the Sanctuary part comes in. That our world keeps giving every single thing we need? If we are knocked into a dark world, the quarries will still keep giving with wedges, mallets, and chisels. People would have the jobs rather than machines and you and I could have a whip round to the source and spend a few months knocking out our kitchen counters.

"The edge that cuts sharply
To shape and make anew
The disc that opens yesterday
To let tomorrow through" ~ Barry Brailsford 1937-


  1. Below our clay soil is a bedrock of limestone and flint. Over thousands of years, water erodes the limestone and makes caves, which may be where they are getting the sanctuary idea from.

  2. I would love to sit there for a while.

  3. when we sold our farm a couple of years ago I lost what I'd long considered my personal sanctuary, the pond. I have often pondered that since, we do need a place of that sort. When I was about ten I'd go out the back door into the garage, go around to the winter wood side, climb the wood, and get up into the small attic space. That was my first real sanctuary, although I didn't know it as such at the time.

  4. The picture resembles a ear. Should we be listening to the cries coming from deep within the Earth?

    1. I suspect that is how we went deaf originally. Poor Old Earth...


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