Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Daily Draw: Wisdom of the Oracle Deck ~ Regeneration

Second chances, new directions.

I've been expecting the call for years. Doesn't make it any less a shock to the system when it does come. My little brother used a fillet knife on his wrists, managed to cut the tendons through on both, the 25th. A specialist was bought in to work on reattaching them. A deeper worry? Are they giving him pain meds, when he has worked so hard for so many years to be clean and sober.

Quotations? I got nothing. Again.


  1. Well, damn... I'm so sorry to hear this. I think most addicts/alcoholics use their drug of choice to self-medicate (and deal with mental health issues often overlooked - especially because the wreckage caused by the addiction is often so overwhelming it is hard to see anything else). Thoughts of comfort and strength to you and him.

  2. Oh dear. Hugs to you, AJ.

  3. When do we stop to be somebody's big or little brother or sister? I think in situations like this he is the little brother who needs care and attention. But take care of yourself too big sis

  4. Sharyn, it fills me with sorrow to hear that your brother is experiencing such a difficult life. Depression is rampant and over whelming for many, especially during the holidays. Sending hugs to you and a wave of compassion for your brother.

  5. Sorry to hear this Sharyn. Hugs to you & him. Sometimes life just sucks. I hope he can find something that helps him to continue in this thing we call life.


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