Monday, December 19, 2016


DailyDraw: Enchanted Astrologer ~ Virgo

Minding the details of life, getting the job finished.

First go at the second paragraph.Where was Virgo when this book manuscript was edited? There is an index, paginated. But there are no pages numbers
Second go. Found them, miniscule, inside purple stars.
I'm reminded by Virgo, most efforts have stops and spurts, dawdles and zips. It is quite a triumph to get something completely right, first go.  But for me, letting things simmer on the working wall of my mind allows much polishing and rounding of an idea.

"How will you go about achieving your desire results? The answer to this you can call strategy." ~ William E Rothschild 1933-


  1. "Simmer on the working wall of my mind" what a beautiful metaphor! :)

  2. I have to stop to notice the details, then start again. Otherwise, I'd just bulldoze along (making plenty of mistakes along the way).

  3. Ahh Virgo's. They drive me to distraction sometime. Virgo's see a vision (their vision) of a perfect world and really have issues when someone challenges on them. I say this because I am a Capricorn in traditional Western Astrology and Capricorns most always are right, and by most I mean 99.999999% of the time right. Ha!

    1. well you are just 100% wrong :)

      Rob and I are both scorpios which has worked out well believe it or not.

    2. Scorpio's...brooders. Don't you just hate be clumped together and generalized. I get along with Scorpios. They have a tendency to want to be left alone and Cappy's like being on our own as well, so I understand, besides I was stung once by a Scorpio scorpion and know to keep my distance until the mood changes.


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