Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Great Turtle

Daily Draw: Wisdom of the Oracle ~ Treasure Island

Small smile
Deep breaths

Attitude and intent
Remember we are on the great turtle's back

"The four purposes of creation myths: instill awe, explain the workings of nature, support and validate social customs, and guide people through living."

Why not?


  1. Currently reading Spong's book on Eternity (he advocates doing away with the 'outdated' idea of heaven and hell). He believes religion is human made and was created to help us explain the unexplainable, give us purpose and meaning, and to make us feel better about the things we fear (like death). Can't believe this guy is a Christian. :D

  2. I wonder if I can catch a ride on that turtle's back? What great fun and an adventure that would be. Happiness in the New Year to you, my wonderful friend.


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