Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday

Daily Draw: Ananda Tarot ~ 4 of Cups

Thoth based decks offer this card as Luxury. Ananda says abundance can be overwhelming as our expectations get higher and higher, and can to turn to dissipation, disappointment, dissolution. In short speak the tarot fives.

Good to remember this on the biggest shopping day of the year.
My favorite Black Friday things?
#1, not shopping for more stuff for people who already say they have too much stuff.
#2, Today starts my sixth annual participation in a  Bonnie Hunter mystery
#3, Today I'm meeting a quilter to barter a trunk of dolls for a box of 1930's fabrics. Win Win Win!

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Daily Draw: Ananda Tarot ~ King of Wands/Flames

If we trust our inner power, our outer power will manifest.

Sometimes. But other than water and air nothing is one size fits all . And if we choose to be the big fish in the small pond over small fish in big pond. I'm probably the periwinkle working my way around the edge...their shells are so much prettier. Pretty wet post for a king of fire.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Cut Me Some Slack

Daily Draw: Ananda Tarot ~ 10 of Swords

Mad Monkey Mind.
This isn't the end of thought, but the beginning.

To me, to have gotten to this point, means I've ditched compassion of Cups, the determination of the Wands, the appreciation of the Coins. We are a package deal...

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Aced It

Daily Draw: Ananda Tarot ~ 3 of Coins/Spheres

Our creativity needs to adjust to personal requirements and current conditions. There is a duh statement I've never thought through.

I'm reminded by this card the current quilt I'm working on is made up of men's cotton shirts garnered at Goodwill Outlet Store, $1.00 a pound. Worked out to 12 pounds which worked out to about 30 yards of fabric.

Retail fabric is $10-15.00 a yard now. To go out and buy fabric for a quilt can run $200-300.00  today. Personal requirements/current conditions. Aced it.

Monday, November 20, 2017


Daily Draw: Ananda Tarot ~ Tower

Ananda's viewpoint of the Tower is as an opportunity to reach deep within ourselves and work to reach better understanding of our own spiritual dictates and options. And learn from history.

A pretty big price tag... when the bedrock of what we were taught to believe as children is in conflict with hundreds of other belief systems.
Speaking for myself I had blinders thinking what I was taught was the only way.
Then I got older and thought they all have the same story with different name for the hero.
Then I got older and developed a total aversion to religion and its ludicrousity.
Forgive my sins rather than face the consequences? The consequences of our actions is the biggest life lesson there is.
Say prayers to get us out of life's jams?
Maybe someday I'll make full circle but it will never be to clasp religion to my bosom.

I wonder if vacation bible school still allows adults to take six year olds out to the backseat of a car to mumble acceptance to gods? Creepy; and rude and unfair to children who don't know enough to make that kind of life decision. Weird and creepy.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

In A Pickle

Daily Draw: Ananda Tarot ~ 6 of Cups

Are we seeking and drawing in the beautiful and useful best for our life or are we choosing dregs, settling for a vinegary subsistence?

I'm reminded by this card sometimes it is hard to know the difference, pleasure can be disguised until we are knee deep already and our bits are turning into pickles. Would that our foresight was as keen as hindsight. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Ox and Cart

Daily Draw: Animal Totem Tarot ~Strength

Starting all over. Takes strength to make that decision, strength to stay firm, strength to carry it though, physical and mental.

I'm reminded by this image one good thing if moving household, it becomes miraculously easy to get rid of stuff you were clinging to the week before.

And personally embarrassing to find boxes still packed from the last move...that must really be necessary and important 'stuff'.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Cross The Line

Daily Draw: Animal Totem Tarot ~Knight of Coins

Know who is for and who is against you, protect your borders and boundaries.

Seems common sense but easier to read it than do it. The prairie dog families are communal, like a business or apartment or planned community; drawing a line in the dirt requires some diplomacy.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Daily Draw: Animal Totem Tarot ~ 2 of Swords

Plover. Proactive or procrastive? At what peril do we dither  over decisions?

How often do we say "I should have"? Probably not very often, too  much introspective navel time would be involved. It is what it is as my dear brother in law says.

The one I can think of is my vehicle. I traded in my Pacifica for a Jeep three weeks before I got the MacTel diagnosis. If I allowed myself to think about it I'd be really cross. But it is what it is.

I know what I don't want on my tombstone though...I wish I hadda. Fear and procrastination can doom a life to neutral. Where us the fun in that?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Larder

Daily Draw: Animal Totem Tarot ~ 5 of Swords

The little echidna. Making good out of bad.
The pantry is decreasing, he is concentrating on what is left,
not what is gone.

I'm reminded by this card of my own pantry. We grew a big garden and I always had a pantry full of the most beautiful jars of veg and fruit. Midway through the season I'd start casting my eye over the remaining stock for what might run out and what was in overabundance, and use accordingly.

By late spring it would mostly be gone, to be replaced by clean shiny jars. But it was Spring! The time of tilling the warmed soil, sowing all the potential treasure. Not what was gone but what was still to come.

Believe it or not over the past ten years or so, it is cheaper to watch the sales and stock the pantry via the grocery stores. The larder never ends up empty but cans and paper labels don't make the heart sing.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Daily Draw: Animal Totem Tarot ~ 5 of Coins

Raccoon Dog pelts. Pretty grim for the animals; the catch and sale means food and shelter for the hunter.

I'm reminded by this card to wonder if my lean times served the purpose of anyone else? I can't think how other than the usual 'keep the people hungry, they won't notice what the politicians are doing'.

Lean times do serve a lesson though, if we wake up and listen.

Monday, November 13, 2017


Daily Draw: Animal Totem Tarot ~ King of Wands

A Tasmanian Devil.  The companion book and National Geographic would have us know this King has a short fuse and it is all about him 24/7. Minions get no slack because the King is in a good mood, good moods don't happen.

I'm reminded by this creature I've had a boss or co-worker or two with this attitude. Consistently in a bad mood and on the prod for the first thing they can strike out at.

I think there was that  one day, the King was me...

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Daily Draw: Animal Totem Tarot ~ Wheel

The blue chicken coop started life in Woodinville, was moved to Plain, then to Chehalis, then home with my father-in-laws chickens after he passed.  It shows its age and wear.  It is also in the way when we want to bring in a load of gravel etc.

A new tight and dry home is a most welcome turn of the Wheel for my little girls.

"Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral.” ~  Frank Lloyd Wright 1867-1959

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Women Are Complicated

Daily Draw: Llewellyn Tarot ~ Queen of Cups

Passionate and loyal. Perverse game player. Serene drama queen.

Women.  Complicated.  Surprise! We all have good and bad judgement and personality traits and little tics that might drive our loved ones batty.

We are also united by a culture and world that allows abuse, turns a blind eye... I'm so proud of the girls and women that have come forward to tell their story. And better yet, it is creating consequences.

My grandfather was a pedophile. He started on his own kids, then plowed through their children. No one ever raised a hand to stop it. The older I get the more that amazes me. He's been dead and gone 30+ years and the after effects still ring on.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Used Ideas

Daily Draw: Llewellyn Tarot ~ Ace of Swords

Hey! I've got an idea!

I intend to keep saying this to myself today, until I actually have one! Too beautiful of a card to waste on used ideas.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


Daily Draw: Llewellyn Tarot ~ Strength

Is Strength about pushing back or an amicable coming together? Probably depends totally on what outlook or goal we have.

"if you can't beat them join them" leaves me skeptical there ever was a real division. But compromise is good. Isn't it? I'm wondering the why of my compromises today. Did I ever, or did I just shut up about it?

"One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised." ~ Chinua Achebe 1930-2013  Things Fall Apart

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Can't Stop

Daily Draw: Llewellyn Tarot ~ 9 of Wands

Repair and prepare, order and control. The melee has passed, now comes clean up and assessment with kudos and corrections.

I'm reminded by this card of the small inner voice and the raucous outer noise. I don't want to know but I can't stop looking...pass the bandages please. (doesn't can't stop mean won't stop?)

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Daily Draw: Llewellyn Tarot ~ Temperance

The story of Cardigan Bay has several versions, as most myths do, but long story short, the ocean crashed through the stone and sluice barrier, and sixteen villages were inundated by the resulting lake.

Underlying the big story is the small story of the man in charge who left the jetty in charge of others who left the jetty to take care of itself.

I'm guessing there are a lot of true stories on the same theme, and in many of them the little people, the front line, saved the day.

Therein lies Temperance, one foot in current events, the other in La-la-land. As always, we come back to balance...

Monday, November 6, 2017

Boot Camp

Daily Draw: Llewellyn Tarot ~ Page of Cups

Even in stormy times our Page keeps a grasp on the small things. The big lessons come when his trusting and naive nature meet duplicity and misunderstandings.

I'm reminded by this card, our childhood creates the basic Page foundation. Actual Page boot camp makes the foundation of our adult character. Would we think a little more if we'd known this? Probably not, like most advice, in one ear and out the other.

Seems a rather haphazard way to build an adult. How many things will we do today that are a reflection of our Pageiness?

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Daily Draw: Llewellyn Tarot ~ 6 of Cups

Friendship. My first best friend was Becky Firth.
We would comb the woods for that first  Easter lily. Whoever presented one to Mrs. Jones the school bus driver got a quarter.

Mother collected post cards and we used them as mystery props, so many clues, such complicated plots! We would also use those packets of stamps the comics advertised on the back page, X number for a dime, on approval. Whatever that meant.

I thought she lived in a mansion because there were front stairs and back stairs and five bedrooms up there.
They moved to town when we were in the third grade, but we occasionally got to spend weekends, I was there when the Alaskan Easter earthquake happened.
Why do I remember? I cut my foot, Mrs. Firth, a nurse, wanted to take me to get stitches, my mother via the telephone said no. I got stitches...too exciting!

I'm reminded by this card of memories. We can keep ourselves occupied for ages.

Saturday, November 4, 2017


Daily Draw: Ostara Tarot ~ 7 of Coins

Certainly this word has a sliding scale. If life dwindled to living in a knothole, warmth would be comfort.
If you had everything in the world buying a new gimcrack might bring comfort.

I'm reminded by this card everything in life has a comfort scale.
And it depends on the moment and mental outlook.  My life has navigable options, I can live with that.

Friday, November 3, 2017


Daily Draw: Ostara Tarot ~ 10 of Wands

Stress. Never thought of this card as that conclusion although it speaks of overwork, overburden, overtired, sadness and neglect,  much of it self-directed.

I'm reminded by this card, the problem is there is no line in the sand, no whistle that goes off, before we go too far. We can't tell a boss if I do this project I'll get too tired. Can't tell our family we need a break from them. Can't tell the bank we need some breathing room.

On the other hand stress can be a good thing, the adrenaline that gets our mind/heart/feet moving thereby bringing us back to balance.

Epilogue: I wanted to write about dolphins and elephants and extinction. But I'd start my day stressed and I'm not going there. My long years of depression are over. I'd not self-direct myself back.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Knight Bus

Daily Draw: Ostara Tarot ~ Ace of Coins


I'm reminded by this card of a Fool card. The weight of the coin will surely pull the field  mouse over the bank. But focus. Maybe he has a plan. Keep hold and let go of fear of finishing? Those look like straw flowers, not very soft to land on. Perhaps swing it over his head and back, thereby pulling himself away from the edge and keeping his find? Does a field mouse need a coin? Does he  need it for a field mouse bus going to town?

Which makes me think of the Knight Bus from Harry Potter. The bus changes shape and speed depending on current traffic needs. Relying on the focus of the driver. Which brings me back to the key to the Ace of Coins.

Harry Potter: "How come the Muggles don’t hear the bus?"
Stan Shunpike: "Them! Don’ listen properly, do they? Don’ look properly either. Never notice nuffink, they don’" ~ Harry talking to Stan the Knight Bus Conductor/

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

It's Worrisome

Daily Draw: Ostara Tarot ~ Sun

If you were having a reading, this is probably the best card to be drawn. Good fortune, success, victory.

I'm reminded by this card to spare a thought for the bees. World wide hive failure/colony collapse has put bees near to the point of being on the Endangered List. Wherever we are on earth/sky/water ecology, diminishing honey bees are right there at the top. No buckwheat flapjacks, no applesauce, no winter squash.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Crash And Burn

Daily Draw: Ostara Tarot ~ Tower

Smited? Smiting? Smitee? Smitor?
Do we own it, or begin another tower build?
In many respects, of identical materials?

Is it called  hope or stubborn?

Monday, October 30, 2017


Daily Draw: Ostara Tarot ~ Knight of Coins

Arduous quest and life lesson coming up.

I'll take the Funvee, you take the Humvee...Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man
Didn't work out so well for Iron Man, the Funvee and crew were blown up, putting him right back at quest and life lesson.

I'm reminded by this card most of my quests and lessons weren't marked on a map and I only realized what they were at the other end. Not such a bad thing, we can stand anything for a day, the idea of years is a bit intimidating.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Yanked String

Daily Draw: Ostara Tarot ~ Hierophant

In some decks this is Priest, others dedicate the number five spot to Hierophant and a few to Pope. Generally meaning established social and spiritual mores and searching for deeper meaning. Really? Three different titles?

Of course this is a string I followed this morning, first with image returns of each. Why way more Hierophants than Priests? Popes seem more inclined to live in decks that preceded the 1910 RWS deck.

I'm reminded by this card, deeper meaning makes for richer understanding. And it is easy to yank Sharyn's string.

Saturday, October 28, 2017


Daily Draw: Ostara Tarot ~ Ace of Swords

I loaded this image upside down, didn't realize it until I recognized the mouse wasn't supposed to be playing Hanged Man.

This is a card of mental acumen and clarity. I have brilliant ideas occasionally but only after the idea has set on my mental working wall and ripened for a few days.

Hey. Thinking is a good thing.

"I like that. I'll have some more later." Lauren Bacall  The Big Sleep 1946

Friday, October 27, 2017

Deadly Sin

Daily Draw: Ostara Tarot ~ 9 of Cups

Is this 9 of Cups pride and indulgence? Or resting after  accomplishments?

Does it matter? Is one a earned retreat, and one a cup of sin running over? Is pride a sin? What stage of pride? We need self confidence to make our way through life and suppressing pride in accomplishments seems counter intuitive.

If pride is a sin does bragging rate a red R on our forehead? What signifies crossing the line? When it transfers from thought to word? Is it even possible to brag silently without it become silent sin?

The church of old white men lists pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth as deadly sins.  Where does that put the parents who let their baby die and rot in its swing? Or the ones that fed their boy to the pigs. Or making and sharing pornography involving a baby? Home free? This is one weird world. Maybe there should be a neon list of the seven deadly religions.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Oddball File

The subject of Certification comes up often. Who needs it, where do you get it, what to do with it, how much does it cost.
These have been in the behind everything else tarot related drawer, thought I'd give them a little sun and air.  (they are a joke son, don't get excited)


Daily Draw: Ostara Tarot ~ 7 of Wands

Maintain your position, or improve upon it.

The Hoquiam River ran through the farm where I grew up, with a big alder bottom at each end. For a farmer, alder is just another word for handy firewood. For a kid, alder is just another way to the sky.

"We'd never know how high we are, till we are called to rise; and then, if we are true to plan, our statures touch the sky". ~ Emily Dickinson  1830-1886

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Daily Draw: Ostara Tarot ~ King of Cups

Emotionally invested. And possibly asleep...or scrying?

Long post back spaced out...poor insipid USA, very sad.

Better to say I'm emotionally invested in our family plot where I will be today, scrubbing and polishing the stones in the autumn sunshine.

Life is good.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Daily Draw: Ostara Tarot ~ Knight of Wands

What mount is this? Cat? Bear? Hyena? I love decks that make me look at the cards rather than flip me to keywords. Might be a brilliant idea for a mount weapon, many animals can't breathe through their mouths. Bet it would chafe like mad though.

I'm reminded by this Knight, effective or innovative as they might be, mostly they follow orders. Probably why many tarot knights are on the move, sometimes at a great rate of speed. Get as far away from command central daycare as they can.

My casual brain thinks:
"Large men in black plate mail with red cloaks and plumes don't sneak worth a damn." ~ Tanya Huff 1957-  Nights of the Round Table and Other Stories of Heroic Fantasy

My undermind believes:
War seems like a fine adventure, the greatest most of them will ever know. Then they get a taste of battle.

For some, that one taste is enough to break them. Others go on for years, until they lose count of all the battles they have fought in, but even a man who has survived a hundred fights can break in his hundred-and-first. Brothers watch their brothers die, fathers lose their sons, friends see their friends trying to hold their entrails in after they’ve been gutted by an axe.

They see the lord who led them there cut down, and some other lord shouts that they are his now, They take the wound, and when that’s still half-healed they take another. There is never enough to eat, their shoes fall to pieces from marching, their clothes are torn and rotting, and half of them are shitting in their breeches from drinking bad water.

If they want new boots or a warmer cloak or maybe a rusted iron half helm, they need to take them from a corpse, and before long they are stealing from the living too, from the small folk whose land they’re fighting in, men very like the men they used to be. They slaughter their sheep and steal their chickens, and from there it’s just a short step to carrying off their daughters too. And one day they look around and realize all their friends and kin are gone, that they are fighting beside strangers beneath a banner that they hardly recognize. They don’t know where they are or how to get back home and the lord they’re fighting for does not know their names, yet here he comes, shouting for them to form up, to make a line with their spears and scythes and sharpened hoes, to stand their ground. And the knights come down on them, faceless men clad in all steel, and the iron thunder of their charge seems to fill the world.

And the man breaks.”
George R.R. Martin 1948-  A Feast for Crows

Monday, October 23, 2017

Can't Miss What We Don't Know

Daily Draw: Ostara Tarot ~ 10 of Coins

The provider, the breadwinner, the support pinion, the responsible one. I wonder what percentage of children today have a similar family unit like I grew up in. The traditional, the benchmark: father breadwinner, mother support, and four children co-responsible. No divorce.

Only three of the girls I grew up with had mothers who worked outside the home. One of those was a single mother with five kids. If I had to guess, I'd say today would be a reverse of my statistics.

My life veered off the conventional because I worked full time from  sixteen to retirement and didn't have kids. Some of the income was from conventional jobs, some based on self-employment.

Long speech to say not much. I'm thinking I can't miss what I didn't know and maybe it is that way for most of today's families.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Skill Set

Daily Draw: Ostara Tarot ~ 3 of Coins

The card of the apprentice.

I can sum myself up as lifelong apprentice, master of none. I can live with that, but I've often thought my real skill/mission/talent is hidden from me because there are millions of things to do in a wide world.

I'm reminded by this card to wonder what my skill set direction would be had I been born in Andorra, Curacao, Latvia, Sierra Leone...?

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Let It Come

Daily Draw: Tao Oracle ~ Hexagram 58 Joyous

Be open to joy rather than seek it aggressively.
Be open, let it come.

I learned this truth twice. By doing three gratitudes a day for three years. Once I got past the food/shelter/family mind set I opened up to a myriad of things I'd missed every day of my life because I took them for granted, beneath importance, brushed them off.

I learned this truth the second time during five years of bleak black depression. I think if I hadn't done my prior gratitudes for those years I would have thought I had nothing to live for. But I knew where joy was, knew it was far fetched from happy. Joy is deep. I am joyous I know how to recognize it, let it roll over me, when I'd seen all the black I thought I could bear. Let it come.

Three Saturday Gratitudes:
Rob's amazing peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. He spent all day Wednesday making my winter stash.

My Kindle book app. Up now: One Small Candle: The Pilgrims' First Year in America, Thomas Fleming. Did you know the muskets of the 1600s were five foot long and if you had a bear charging you there had to be a lit match ready in order to use the gun.

Honcho and Ash, my kittens. A laugh a minute.

Friday, October 20, 2017


Daily Draw: Tao Oracle ~ Hexagram 50 Cauldron

Our inner thoughts are who we are, regardless of what face we present to the world.

Scary thought in itself...In my mind, before I stopped wanting to do it, I've killed, many times.

In my mind I've wept at the outrages that are heaped on the weak by the powerful but I've not lifted a hand.

In my  mind I've gathered dozens of interesting ways to leave the world. I'm well now, but I often polish those paths.

The cauldron is the failsafe.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Daily Draw: Tao Oracle ~ Upward

I can't think of any way this applies to me today.
I'll think on it.

edited to add at 3:30 PM.. still blank but Rob is making mushroom gravy for dinner.

That is close enough for me...

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Burning Daylight

Daily Draw: Tao Oracle ~ Hexagram 52 Keeping Still

Non-action, still mind. The closest I've been to created meditation is corpse pose at the end of a yoga practice. But a consult with the dictionary this morning also gives: contemplation, thought, thinking, musing, pondering, consideration, reflection, deliberation, rumination, brooding, reverie, brown study, concentration.

I'm reminded by this card, if we give life some stillness, the brain will fall in line. I probably do most of those definitions daily. Probably because I make a point of stillness in the course of a day. Non-action? Not so much, daylight is burning, get on with it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Daily Draw: Tao Oracle ~ Hexagram 64 Completion

Pear shaped.
Round file it.
Right dog's dinner.
Foiled again.
Jiggers, the fuzz.
Cross purposes.
Frog stitching.
That is just off the top of my head, I'm sure there are unlimited phrases to signify loss of faith in a project or relationship.

Hexagram 64, the final one, would have us review ourselves first.
Big fat hurry.
Cutting corners.
Short funded.
And of course our old friend, ego.

Monday, October 16, 2017

I Doubt It

Daily Draw: Tao Oracle ~ Hexagram 41 Decrease

Decreasing becomes increasing if we think about it.
Buy what we need rather than want increases our financial stewardship.
Decreasing world chatter increases our ability to think for ourselves.
Decreasing our own ego increases our ability to work with others.

After seventeen years of working FlyLady principles, this year Rob got on board with no word yea or nay from me. I've been so impressed with what he has let go of in his garage.

The biggest mental block to decreasing anything on any level? 'I might need it someday'.  I sincerely doubt it.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Daily Draw: Tao Oracle ~ Hexagram 49 Revolution
Revolution = Breakthrough
Revolution = Change wanted and worked toward

I recently read Desperate Sons: Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, John Hancock, and the Secret Bands of Radicals Who Led the Colonies to War by Les Standiford. I'd forgotten the actual War of Independence lasted seven years with dedicated efforts the four years prior to that. I did remember the base reason, taxation without representation.

Reflecting my heart: Bring 'em home, bring 'em All home. We have no business conducting other countries revolutions, favorably skewed to old white men.

"Inferiors revolt in order that they may be equal and equals that they may be superior. Such is the state of mind which creates revolutions." ~ Aristotle 384 BC-322 BC

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Let It Be

Daily Draw: Moon Oracle ~ Full Moon in Water

Emotions and events are working toward successful outcomes.

As a Scorpio in this moon, I have a tendency to not leave well enough alone, give it a poke, give it some gas, redo something that doesn't need redone. I'm not a perfectionist..just a muddler I guess.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Time and Energy

Daily Draw: Moon Oracle ~ Full Moon in Air

This moon only happens in full opposition to the sun.

I'm thinking most of my personal victories are all in opposition to someone or something. Maybe that is the only time we are willing to expend the time and energy it takes to find a solution?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Prominence or Power?

Daily Draw: Moon Oracle ~ Sceptre in Mansion 14

Desire for a position of prominence and or power.

Maybe at one time, no more. If I had to chose I'd prefer to be the 'power behind the throne'. Being on the throne makes one the big fat target for blame for everything under the sun. There isn't enough glory to make that worthwhile.

 "I achieved a lot of my materialistic objectives, and I lost a lot of my personal spirituality." ~ Benebell Wen 1981-

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Daily Draw: Moon Oracle ~ First Quarter Waxing Air

Adaptability, book advice: Idea? Obtain reactions from as many people possible, and adjust,  modify and adapt accordingly.

Not in my world. Can we say roll over dishrag?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Daily Draw: Moon Oracle ~ Hecate

Virgin, mother, crone.
Bearer of riches, magic, wisdom, victory. Not necessarily in that order.
Known to travel with a pack of hounds.
Lover of remote and dark places.

Not a mother, certainly believe in magic and aim for wisdom.
Travel with my two dogs and two kittens. All four discards, each special beyond words.
Like many of  my compatriots, my mind runs to remote and dark places, driven by outrage, embarrassment, fear, sorrow.

I've taken up the slingshot.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Scrape My Brain

Daily Draw: Moon Oracle ~ Black Moon in Earth

Economy is recommended, no new investments, begin nothing that involves risk, cut back on expenses.

If you knew a comet is likely to strike and change the world as we know it, how would you prepare? What are the first things you'd ditch? No power. No fuel. No grocery stores being resupplied. No medicines. No hospitals. No police or army. No government left. Money worth zip.

I'm listening to Lucifer's Hammer Niven/Pournelle 1977. No heroes here, just tough decisions, life or death every day. If living required economy every single day in day out, how would your life change? If the economy was based on barter, what skills do you have that would make you a keeper?

I've only scraped up three things so far, it would have to be a pretty small community to make me worth keeping. Eek.