Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jell-O Americana Custard

Daily Draw: Chakra Oracle ~ Trickery

Did you know Jell-o Custard no longer exists? Around 2010 it disappeared from grocer's shelves. Rob is still cross about it and checks the shelves just in case, every time we pass the Jell-o section.

My best trick? Whip around the corner before him and shout "Custard is back!"  He was a classic image of joy coming around the corner with his cart. That I was responsible for crushing that look hurt my green heart chakra and I was so sorry I'd caused it.

"The craftiest trickery are too short and ragged a cloak to cover a bad heart."  Johann Kaspar Lavater 1741-1801


  1. A good reminder to ask myself, "Who will be laughing at the joke, who won't and why?"

  2. This reminds me of S her face when I told her the guy she was in love with (this was years ago) was on the phone (but he wasn't) :) :(

  3. Not all dragons are tricksters. You mentioned dragons once as a favorite of yours. I bet this one made you smile. I believe the dragon intends to have the squirrel for dinner.

  4. I do think there has to have been dragons at some ancient times past.
    They are both up to something. The dragon has the big nut, but the squirrel is shoving something under the dragon. A good card to think on, not all laughs are funny.

  5. There is a face book page campaigning for the return of that custard...must have been good...


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