Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Loose in the Labyrinth

Daily Draw: Ancient Feminine Wisdom ~ Ariadne

What I learn about these women will have faded from memory by the time this deck's turn comes again. Such is the life lived as a B-12 deficient. What is new will be  new again. And again.

I'm reminded by this card I do know this myth, because it is the basis of Stephen King's novel Rose Madder. I need to find more information parallels that will stick to  my brain pan. More likely, when something is found I'll forget why I was looking.

"Hope is an essential thread in the fabric of all fantasies, an Ariadne's thread to guide us out of the labyrinth ... Human beings have always needed hope, and surely now more than ever." ~ Lloyd Alexander 1924-2007


  1. Never heard of this King novel - I must have been really out of the literary loop when it was published. Do B-12 supplements are injections help?

  2. Your memory looks a lot like mine. :)
    I can watch movies, visit places and read books again without remembering the plot, the characters, the sites etc.


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