Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Our New Truth

Daily Draw: Art of Life Tarot ~ Judgment

I wrote a couple of paragraphs arguing with this quote. Then erased them as I so often do. Because there was always a but. Which negates anything said before it.

I'm reminded by this card the quote is true. But. Events change us in spite of any happy slappy attitude we can pull together. We become our new truth and drag ourselves toward the new attitude. Over and over.

I'm reminded by my search for attitude quotations the first couple of pages were listed as positive, hopeful, career. success, inspirational...a good attitude isn't the norm, it is the norm we seek.


  1. We seek stability in an unstable, impermanent world. I think we'd do better to work on acceptance, adaptability and a wide view.

  2. I have become more aware of the 'buts' I use and think sometimes how much of my day to day life has been negated by this over used conjunction? But...life goes on.

  3. Stability is the greatest illusion of mankind. This is as silly as still believing in Santa Claus when you are over seven years old

  4. Good Grief. Face thud. No Santa? Say it isn't so...

  5. my thoughts about that quote are changed by your explanation of it...

  6. I so appreciate all your thoughts shared on our posts, so many facets to reflect upon.


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