Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Does It Matter?

Daily Draw: Haindl Tarot ~ Sun

Starting with a quibble. Pollack says the lines on this sun is a labyrinth.
I see the lines on the outer edge, which look like circles to me. Under deep magnification all of them go fuzzy. Having had two truths turned into myths last week, I'm loath to play the fool again. Without seeing the center I think these are subsequent circles rather than a spiral.

I'm reminded by this sun, does it matter? To an info-junkie everything is game for thought. I've been told there are no straight lines in nature. But there are, particularly in caves and deep underground. Does that matter? Yes, to me.

"There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature." ~ Rachel Carson  1907-1964     Silent Spring


  1. For me it doesn't. I just see a yellow sun with some circles and that's it, Me:not so much an info junkie :) More a wordoholic

  2. That labyrinth must be imaginary, because I sure don't see it either. Integrity matters in little and big things to me.

  3. Well heck, I had several thoughts on the card and poof they were gone. Burned off by the Sun's rays I guess.

  4. or it could be I just have the hykenflutenvantod as my grandmother would say. stand well back from your monitor

    1. Great word for it. Linguistic gymnastics runs in the family?

    2. hykenflutenvantod is that a real word or something germanatic your grannie put together?

    3. that is just a family word I think, I had a neighbor when surprised would say For crying upstairs in a bucket... My mother was a Scrabble friend. I never heard her use an odd word in speech though.


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