Friday, February 17, 2017

The Vision

Daily Draw: Haindl Tarot ~ Hanged Man

Mr. Haindl was seventeen years old when he was captured, and spent four years in a Russian prisoner of war camp. His Hanged Man suspension and subsequent art work was influenced greatly by that time of fearful isolation and abject hopelessness. Hence the eye on the backs of the cards in this deck both show and see our creativeness is always influenced by our life experiences.

I'm reminded by this barely there Hanged Man I've been reading treatises on the Holocaust and first person interviews of survivors. I'm reading information I shouldn't be stuffing into the darkness of my mind because we should never be allowed to forget. But we do and have. Funny old place, the world, where we never learn from history, but as individuals we create new same old history with each generation.

In respect, Hermann Haindl 1923-2013


  1. When I do any kind of reading on the Holocaust I find it deeply disturbing, as it should. I usually end of weeping and have to put the book or article down. Such horror. Afterward I try to find a place of forgetfullness of what I just read and I cannot, also as it should be.

  2. ((Carolyn)) Yes it is hard. I don't read holocaust fiction, or tomes on steroids presenting blood and gore on every page. The mental processes to survive is uplifting to me, that humans can rise above standard humanity to something more.

  3. I did not know Haindl went through that horror. Creativity is influenced by experience. I fear our new leader may try to take us down a similar dark road.

  4. It is hard for me to read about every aspect of WOII because both my parents were victimized during the war and my mother is severely traumatized due to what she has endured when she was a child. (even though they weren't Jews)

    1. Norway is often credited as having truly stood up for the Jews. If I remember correct there were 700 taken away, all but a handful died. The few who did make it home were given a supplement and medical care without question. Some Jews from Germany are still waiting. The Journey Back From Hell: Conversations with Concentration Camp Survivors
      Anton Gill is my current book. I got this one because I've read a number of Gill's historical mysteries and found them well researched.


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