Thursday, March 30, 2017

Rock Feet

Daily: Rock ~ Time

How long ago were these rocks buried one hundred miles below earth or ocean?
Were they boulders, or mountains,
or just sand, becoming?
Were they once wet and steaming,
or surrounded by ice and freezing?

Flat rocks warm on bare feet,
sharp gravel and no shoes, what was I thinking? I've washed my feet in glacier water, and didn't pause to wonder how far those pebbles were drug to get where I was standing.
I've picked up little pebbles and eventually bigger ideas; if I can lift it and get it to the vehicle before Rob catches me at it, it is mine, all mine, and it is under your seat so sit lightly.

"Life begets rock, rocks beget life." ~ Bob Hazen 1948-


  1. You've given me a pebble of an idea to collect some stones from the beach and use in my coastal pot pourri jar...

  2. What cute little rock feet! Hope you got your stash stashed. :)

  3. This reminds me a of car loaded with boulders, rocks and pebbles to take with us form a holiday in the north of our country (years ago. They now sit in my garden and still bring me joy every day.
    Love those tiny feet!!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your 'rocky' footprints. Lovely, just lovely.

  5. My folks were rock hounds so I come by it honestly, but my big ones are more a memory hobby. One of my prettiest is sparkly white granite from a tumble down abandoned property in Seattle. We were in Seattle to pick up friends from Australia and were just moseying around till pick up time.
    The big ones are all out in a entry area, and like Ellen's, give me great pleasure each time I come and go from home.
    I have a smaller rock sanctuary over by the bird feeders.. It is beginning to moss over and I can't decide if I should leave it and add a fairy door, or do rocks want to shine of their own accord. It is hard to get a consensus from them, they seldom have two words to rub together.


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