Friday, April 14, 2017

Cry Baby

Daily Pick: Japaridze Tarot ~ Moon

The moon card says something in our dark side is up and active.

I'm reminded by this tethered eyeball, I cried yesterday, for the first time since I was diagnosed with a disease of the retina, MacTel 2. Which tells something about me...I cry when I'm furious, not when I'm sad.

I see what you see, I just see it bent. I'm fortunate and thankful to see what I do. The bigger problem is the depth perception. The eye of a needle is bent to the left. There can be two or three thread ends. Eyeglasses on, headband magnifiers on, looking through a magnifying glass...nose to the project, I depend on luck. Sometimes it takes five minutes of trying to get lucky when needle, needle threader, and thread come together.

In webspeak this is TMI Too much information. Just having a whine. And this moon card reminds me, I'm glad I didn't buy this deck, I'd really be whining.