Sunday, April 23, 2017

Day Well Met

Daily Draw: Tarot of the Spirit ~ Ace of Wands/Fire

In a Thoth based deck, this is where life and time and journey begin.

I'm reminded by this card to open and go forward each day. Available are options, always. To drug up, to open a new book, to pick up the fight where we left off, to open our minds to something beyond our hardwired belief.

Yesterday I sat in a room with seven other quilters, mostly listening. We are all passionate about quilting, but as stories came out we had all walked paths as different as night and day. There probably isn't another area of our life where we might have met and grown. I'm glad I went.

"Of those qualities on which civilization depends, next after courage is an open mind, indeed, the highest courage is, to stake your all upon a conclusion which you are aware tomorrow may prove false." ~ Irving Dillard


  1. Sounds like a 12 Step group where you can see a wide diversity, from doctors to people who live on the streets, all in the same room.

  2. Beautiful card to begin your week with tarot of the spirit. My mind open and eager to learn. I love this deck though the book overwhelmes my little peanut 🥜 brain...

    1. no kidding. Not judging :) but I got something workable out of about 1/3 of the book. At one point I studied the Thoth full time, I have a private blog with the cards from 5 different thothy decks scanned in, with bits from each book topped up by my understanding of the cards. Fun. And like most group opinions, lots of different viewpoints, and lots of corn


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