Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bent Bow

Daily Draw: WildWood Tarot ~ 7 of Wands/Bows

Ready to accept the challenge.  I know my grammar is atrocious and my spelling skill are(is) nil. And whatever happened to(extra space)  my spell checker is crimiinal(criminal).
So I downloaded Grammarly three days ago. Beyond wanting to kick its arse for being a total bother, and the red underline frighteningly reminicent(reminiscent)  of second grade I'm actually having fun with it.

I'm reminded by these ready bows, part of their update of usage for those days, in(an) effort I'm sure, to get me to be a paying customer.
  • 15 corrections made (those are the ones I agreed with anyway...)
  • 320 unique words used. I wonder if they are counting Sharynisms and misspelled words as unique. Too early to decide if this is an extra bow in my quiver or a time suck.
"Grammar is a piano I play by ear." ~ Joan Didion   Essays and Conversations