Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Daily Draw: Chinese Tarot ~ 3 of Coins

So good at the craft our figure is working up specialty skills to enhance the sport.
Bicycles, snowboards, kiteboarding, skateboarding, rollerskating, golfing, archery, surfing, fishing; what do they have in common? You can enjoy them or practice them alone or with a friend or with a crowd. The tools are relatively inexpensive and easily found.

We are told in school team sports are critical to learn teamwork. I'm just not buying it anymore. If I ever did. Ridiculous expenditures of funds that could be better spent on whole schools, vs ten or fifteen students.

"Wiping out is an underappreciated skill." ~ Laird Hamilton 1964-


  1. Building or perfecting a skill set. I was channeling hopping the other day and saw another program the Food Channel has setting children and against children as cooking pros. Evidently this one child maybe 12 or 13 had just been eliminated and walked off the set in tears. Shame on the parents, be it cooking, beauty pageants, or sports.

    1. when I was nine we moved into a new shiny one level school and the old 2 story brick was demolished. Each class was required to write a piece about it. Mine was chosen for my class and we were to say it before a open house gathering.
      I opened my mouth and nothing came out. Was probably a few seconds but seemed like hours, I reached in my pocket, pulled it out, and read it. My dad gave me a quarter when we got home and said it done very well.

      All that to say, nothing came out because I hadn't wasted my time memorizing the speech, things to do places to go don't cha know? There was a lesson in there probably. I also know I refused to give the Salutatorian speech when we graduated...

    2. I need to go back to typing school.

    3. Salutatorian? No doubt, you were a born writer.

  2. I think the emphasis is on sports because parents want their kids to get scholarships. Makes me cringe to hear how some of them 'encourage' their kids during a game or at practice.

  3. no scholarships at Wishkah. We weren't even eligible to start college from our school, there was only one, and not two foreign languages and the library wasn't up to snuff. Plus it was used for a class room some of the time. I think three of my classmates eventually made it into college, but much later, as adults.


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