Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Daily Draw: Tarot of the Sephiroth ~ High Priestess

Dear She Who Sees All Knows All

I can see by your appearance you are astounded as well,
and I recognize your usual mumness is our lot in life,
but just this once, could you please share your insight.
What is 4 AM Covfefe.

Could it really be as simple as text sent inadvertently while having his phone wrestled away?

I await your response,
Your number one fan, Sharyn


  1. Must have meant to type "coffee." I'm guessing the spray tan temporarily caused a loss in vision. :)

  2. He should really take his coffee first before he starts to tweet :)

  3. Oh good laugh...Forgot he was halfway through a tweet and tried to order a coffee?

  4. you know the saying, he may be the village idiot, but he is our idiot?

    We ain't claiming him.

  5. Sorry to say he is the village idiot and yes he is ours. The nation as a whole voted him. Yee gads. This High Priestess is very secretive and gives no clue. Bev is close, I think all that spray tanning has overload his system and all the accumulated toxins have corrupted his all ready corrupt nature.


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