Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Sprat

Daily Draw: Enchanted Tarot ~ 7of Cups/Hearts

Castles in the air.  Any imagining you've carried your whole adult life?

Thin. Crazy. In hindsight, I've even been thin a number of times but I didn't see myself as thin, just less fat. I think I have nothing in common with bingers, purgers, anorexic sticks. I think all the fat shaming and paper thin models are only modern complications.

No. It was going on when I was a child too. I remember asking mother to take me to the family doctor when I was 7 or 8 to see if there was something medicine could do for me. I expect there was eye rolling 'tween doctor and mother, but I got a bottle of pills, I was to take one before meals. Zero doubt they were sugar pills, and I eventually forgot about help.

Cripes, the things the cards pull up. From childhood to well into my 30s I was just right. Where did I get the idea I wasn't? Even today, people bigger than I would wish to be my size. Crazy. Did you know the Jack Sprat nursery rhyme dates back to circa 1660? It relates to wartime taxes but at its base?...


  1. Ah yes, the "Thin is beautiful' fantasy. I was told I was fat by stepfather #1 my whole childhood (and compared to his four rail-thin children, I was). Funny how shame never motivates the way humans think it will.

  2. I have had issues with my weight all these days as Carolyn, I didn't come into the World that way. My Mother too was overweight. She worried for me and joined me in TOPS in my preteen days. Now mind you I was a bit hefty as they would say but I walked about five miles a day delivering papers. I wasn't really all that overweight, as much as bulked up, but the shaming worked on my self-esteem and has plagued me all these day. Oh my that felt like a confessional?

  3. One thing I learned from slimming class is that fat is more often the mundane outcome of poverty, overwork and emotional exhaustion than greed and profligacy.

  4. I googled that rhyme and now I am wondering if your Rob is like Mrs. Sprat? :)

    1. mr. sprat. he was 127 pounds the day we married. Long family backstory on that too probably


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