Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Reset

Daily Draw: Etruscan Tarot ~ 8 of Cups
I need to do a reset. Because my life is mundane, I seldom actually do a 'reading' with more than one card. Hence the attempt to read this week's cards as a whole, on resetting my card use.

Chariot driver faces forward, ready to move on.
4 of Coins, hanging on, avoiding spending current knowledge in aid of more knowledge.
10 of Cups, lazy in the present, something more might upset the status quo of comfort in the known card habit.
Death, two majors in this spread, both saying it won't kill me to move on, try something new, rehone skills.
Justice, third major, telling me bluntly, I've let the prey become the master.
8 of Wands, Addressing the fear of putting myself out there, in public. Why not?

I'd love hearing anyone else's thoughts on how these cards are advising me.


  1. Maybe moving forward by drawing two cards and let them interact with eachother: one being the situation and the other the advice card???

    1. Bullocks!! Just keep doing what you do best: Meander through that wondreous mind of yours with one card in mind and share with us what you have found there!

  2. Yet the tail-end of the reading sums it up well; quit sitting under the wish tree and do something different. (Which sounds like you did with this seven card reading!)

  3. I do not have the Etruscan Tarot deck so I reviewed the cards and then since I am working with Rider Waite-Smith Tarot I laid the cards from the RWS deck to mirror your seven cards. With three majors making an appearance I think that you are at a juncture that a decision wants to be made. Beginning with the Chariot you have had success in your journey but seem to stuck in the status quo. The four of wands affirm that all seem to be well but that you are holding on to the success that Chariot has brought - why change things when life seems to be good? The ten of cups has you in that same space of success but yet you have turned your back on that in fact need to let go of something, the way things worked in the past don't seem to quite serve you, Death brings you to the point of releasing and moving forward. Let it go and answer that which you know to be true. I think the real answer is in those two eight cards, movement. Did you recently receive a message that has made you rethink the way you want to live? Movement from that stuck position in the Chariot, ready to move forward...just... Even though something is still working change is called for. There is quite a lot of symbolism of twos except in those eights. In the Chariot, 2 towns 2sphinxes, in the four of wands 2 set of coins, feet placed firmly on 2 coins, 2 distinct towns in the backdrop in the four of wands. The ten of wands features 2 groups of family members. In Death 2 towers in the back drop and Justice 2 pillars. Now 2 Eights. There seem to be 2 choices to stay with mundane that which has served you well or move on to something new and different. The cards advise movement. Maybe the target date will be the Solar Eclipse coming up on August 21, a hint in the RWS Eight of Cups

  4. Thanks for sharing this - a real treat to read your seven card spread.

    I love what you do here and hope you don't stop!

    Reset/ Fear of putting yourself out there? Could you dabble with instagram? I've been thinking of joining Ellen there.

    Or compile all your knowledge into a book? The work/labour of love is already completed (10 of cups) here on the blog. Just needs editing...

    Or maybe just do a spread like this once in a while :)

  5. I thought about what I posted yesterday and more briefly my take on your seven cards for last week. ~ The traditional way you have done something (first two cards) that has served you well(the ten of cups) no longer works and needs to be let go, to end(Death) and you must figure out what truly works for you, what feels right. Again look to the eights - for change is coming and only you can decide which direction to go with that change.

  6. thank you for your thoughts. I know what is keeping me from 'real' reading, but I can't find the post about it.Short story, losing me, tests for dementia, identifying the problem. My brain has been short-sheeted.
    someone call the Waaaambulance.

    I didn't have dementia, not a speck, but some of my abilities were not retained, reading groups of cards for one.
    I'm bored, but some things requiring memory seem lost to me. I thought I should try again...we'll see what this week brings.

    1. I can understand how this must frustrate you but he there are great guidebooks and we do have internet. I have decks which I can't read without the guidebook. I am very forgetful and new knowledge just doesn't stick that easily. So I journal and blog,read and reread....
      Just keep at it my friend!


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