Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Reset

Daily Draw: Etruscan Tarot ~ 8 of Cups
I need to do a reset. Because my life is mundane, I seldom actually do a 'reading' with more than one card. Hence the attempt to read this week's cards as a whole, on resetting my card use.

Chariot driver faces forward, ready to move on.
4 of Coins, hanging on, avoiding spending current knowledge in aid of more knowledge.
10 of Cups, lazy in the present, something more might upset the status quo of comfort in the known card habit.
Death, two majors in this spread, both saying it won't kill me to move on, try something new, rehone skills.
Justice, third major, telling me bluntly, I've let the prey become the master.
8 of Wands, Addressing the fear of putting myself out there, in public. Why not?

I'd love hearing anyone else's thoughts on how these cards are advising me.